Sunday, May 1, 2011

My first blog award!!!!!!!!

Given to me by the lovely wealthy blogger but I had forgotten about it o chei. Anyway the rules of the award are:

Part 1: 7 facts about me

  • I am a crazy Arsenal fan so needless to say I am so glad WE BEAT MAN U TODAY. Chelsea fans you can thank us lara
  • I am not too crazy about english gospel music. I prefer the ones in 9ja languages, especially those ibo ones that they used olden days voice enhancer/auto tune to do...PRINCESS NJIDEKE OKEKE AND HUSBAND
  • I hate working out but I need to get on that treadmill ASAP
  • I hate all sorts of animals........dogs aren't my best friends and cats aren't cute. infact cats sef are winchi winchi
  • When I am not watching 9ja films, I am watching: teen mom, 16 & pregnant, law & order: SVU, mob wives, the game (this season was too mature jo..hiss), say yes to the dress, real housewives of atlanta and OC (the rest are too annoying), love and hip hop....thats all for now
  • I hate making my hair. I can't sit down for anything longer than relaxer and sew-in weave
  • I cook and clean to de-stress (about to add sewing to that)
Part 2: Pass the award to 15 other blogs and notify them....this one go hard small but lemme try. 

Prism.......this is just bribe for you to do that sewing post :)
Secret lilies
Nike royals
9jafoodie......a taste is worth a million words
Mr Tee
Chizy Spyware
honorary mention: GEJ.....when he visits my blog


  1. Congratulations on the award, and thanks for nominating me :-).

    I'm also a fan of the housewives series... Atlanta is my favorite, followed by the OC women, then NY... I don't care much for the rest. The OC season sort of started slow for me, but I'm glad it's picking up...

  2. thanks for the tag! Will inform GEJ to visit your blog ASAP to thank I am so with you on number 4

  3. not an arsenal fan, but i like your blog. man u for life ^_^

  4. CONGRATS on your award!!!

    I dont work out as well oh, but I have a plan on how to keep fit for the rest of the year.

    Thanks for the mention as well.VERENDO!LOLS


    Cost of living Africans should know about

  5. Congrats!! and finally someone is with me abt animals especially having them as pets e.g living with dogs and cats in the same house as in inside o not in d cage outside...and then they start pooping and peeing all over d place...mschewww not cute at,used to hate making my hair...ha!

    Thanks for tagging me :D

  6. AWWWW...congrats on the award my lovely love and thanks much for the tag, I am honored.
    I am with you on #3, procrastination is my biggest enemy.

  7. Congrats on your award. I feel elated to be considered worthy to be bestowed an award on. I appreciate. I'm consulting my speech writer to help me draft an acceptance speech as I'm neither a great writer nor a good speaker. Will come back shortly with 7 facts about me and will begin a search for those I will bestow the award on as I don't have up to 15 followers on my blog.

  8. OMG...sorry for late response. I'm in MIA mode, nah so school dey kick me left to right....Congrats on your award, I'm honored for my name to be mentioned....thanks sis. I see we have a lot in common, I'm so with you on #4, 5, 6, and 7. Bought my sewing machine recently, after tailors here have messed up my clothes, I'm learning on my own how to sew, still trying to figure out how to do Iro and

  9. I know this one is coming late, pls bear with me ....... Congratulations gul! U deserve this award cos ur blog is really amazing. The way u convey serious issues in a funny manner is what I love about your blog.
    I also want to thank you for the award you bestowed on me. I am truly honoured.