Sunday, May 15, 2011

Random ramblings of the sleep deprived

ok well i was determined by 1am when I went to bed but now it is 8.17 so I guess I gave up at about 5/6am and I am hoping to go all the way till 11pm so as not to mess up my sleep schedule.....but i think ill crash sometime before then. Anyway, to the random ramblings:

P.S: long post but keep reading, u fit find something wey u like :)

  • The number one reason why I am trying to stay up, atleast for the next 4 hours is because Arsenal is playing Aston Villa at 10/11am. Now I know the haters are yabbing us saying another trophyless season plus the defeat last week was just irritating. that being said, as long as we close out the season with a win over aston villa and a few goals from van persie and walcott and maybe nasri, I am good...HATERS CAN KEEP ON HATING :) Now if Fabregas wants to leave abeg he should leave cos his performance and demeanor on the field has not be gingering me. He can go and warm bench in barca...nonsense and ingredients. Vermaleen can like to come back from his injury abeg (i hear he may play today....he can like to give us welcome goal like Ramsey did). Walcott better fully live up to the hype or cos this hot today and cold tomorrow gats to stop. Wenger....we need a trophy...nuff said on dat one
  • Still on sports, this one is an anger ive been carrying for a while. one of my higlights for the summer is to watch the lakers play in the playoffs and now they are out. Kobe aka ko boy aka kokoma....i cant believe u let me down. but our love is strong so next season. plus lamar or wareva dey call u if khloe and being on the numerous kardashian shows is distracting u, we may need to be talking divorce now..jk..u r busy doing fragrance and clothing line wen d team is losing to one yeye team hiss
  • ok so i spent most of this night/morning on nairaland. Thank God for no nepa taking light here o. if i was in 9ja, mosquito would have used me to do isegwari. Anyway, I am typically interested in doing small businesses (salon, grocery, drycleaning, cybercafe.....dat kain thing.....not the next facebook or anything) in Nigeria so I am always looking at what people have to say on those issues: start-up costs, operating costs, challenges etc (pls feel to contribute ur knowledge on such topics abeg). I have to say the threads are comical with 9ja ppl trying to turn everything to business. any small thing u talk dey will say i hve business idea and need partner so email me or call me. the frequency at which i see such posts makes me a tad bit suspicious of the people and i question if they really have any useful info. but then i have to give huge kudos to those who give free info on there for anything.....u really learn and knowledge is power o. then ofcourse there are the ppl calling out other ppl for being 419 nd then they have their back and forth and other ppl (u know as we dey do aproko) will now join and be insulting or calling out the supposed 419er. i find it interesting that when someone does business with someone on the thread and it goes bad, they will come and shout....which i clearly understand. afterall u no come lagos or obodoyibo come count bridge. however, if and when the business deals go well, we never hear d testimony on the thread. however, someone started a thread for people to give testimony of whatever good experience they had doing business with nairalanders. It is quite encouraging to see standup 9ja ppl because all we hear about is the 419 ppl. anyway the interesting business idea that seems to be making the rounds is haulage business. apparently u buy truck or tipper (prices range from N2.5m - N5m and above from what i gather) and can give some ppl to manage and they will give u monthly returns of N350K - u can imagine how hot cake it is on the site. however, as they say if something looks too good to be true, it actually is. i think the ppl asking to manage it maybe legit, where i think the problem comes in is in the stated monthly there story go start.
  • oh then i watched pastor sam adeyemi of daystar online .....sexuality and the mind is the title of the message. then i saw joel osteen on tv.....something about if God puts in a word for u, no body can put sand sand in your garri. put in the 9ja songway, when Jesus say yes, nobody can say no....up up Jesus, down down satan...everybody. strongly feeling both messages......i no go church today.
  • Blogger oooooo, if not for d fact that today is sunday, u would have gotten some pieces of my royal mind, u better bring back my ppls comments o. rubbish and nonsense. u said u will restore the things soon but apparently u ppl at google are also on African timing.....let me hear any of u oyibo ppl say dat we dnt have concept of time again...anofia
  • topic on my mind: out of wedlock pregnancies. now i dnt even know if its right to ask is it right or wrong because there maybe many nuances. i know where the Christian stand is on the issue but i guess its more complicated. wo i will tackle the issue when im more coherent....u can sha drop ur thots now or wait till then
  • sorry that i havenet replied to previous comments. combination of busy schedule, laziness, mood swings and blogger having some scon scon. will get to it ASAP.
  • oh ive been cooking like crazy and oh i eat the meat and other orisirisi in my soup and stew before it is ready. den i continue to finish d meat and orisirisi even after food is done....leaving soup and stew behind. oh den when i say im cooking dey will ask me if im getting fat......e mi ke!!!!! fat isnt in my only getting fully endowed. 
  • Now I leave u with the song im currently feeling since i cant think of anything else to for tolerating and obliging the is now 8.56am


  1. LWKMD @ "im only getting fully endowed" hahhah... I have to steal that.
    You have to love Nairaland mehnn... it's an amazing space for info.

  2. you like football ehn?

    facebook palaver?..i don wash my hand comot for there?

    pregnancy before wedlock...there is a grey btw the white and black

    finish all the meat before and after stew ready?...hahahaha.

  3. oya first of all i no dey watch
    As for Blogger make them restore my comment too if not we will strike and protest!Pregnanacy before wedlock....sigh....i know couples who have done it and they are happy now...but i dont think its the Christian thing to do, we shouldnt even be having sex till marriage. Pregnancy is just TMI on wedding

  4. To get over the issue of finishing your meat before food is ready I suggest you do with 'witout' for some time.

    As for the issue of out of wedlock pregnancy, it is not the best. Our body is the temple of God, it must not be defiled.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Out of Wedlock pregnancy are very common nowadays, some people are already pregnant when they walk to the altar, I have attended so many weddings, and 6 to 7 months later dem deliver a baby...the first thing I ask is, is the baby Please, I will be looking forward to your post on this topic.

  7. Ok, so i was two months preggers on my wedding day. But i had done my court/legal wedding six months back. Does that qualify as an out of wedlock pregnancy??? i wanna know.....

    Tagged you in a meme...

  8. Great Post Olori!

    Well I will pick on the business idea,thatn haulage things sounds attractive oh. hmm

    Per wedlock, well all children are gifts from God. The rest is up to the parents.

    Hmm that your food talk is making my mouth water.

    As for replying bloggers, I am probably the worst culprit but what I try to do is to go to theirblog and read up their posts and leave comments there.

    Finally back to business, paticularly the website happenings, fact is people love to focus on the negative cus the negative usually allows for dramatics :)


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