Sunday, May 1, 2011

UPDATE: Osama bin Laden has been killed

UPDATE: ok so according to CNN, Osama has been killed o. they said he was killed by the US in his/a mansion in Islamabad. I thought he was in Afghanistan but apparently he has been hiding in Pakistan in "plain sight" so they are saying there may be more quanta between US and Pakistan. I hope this is not another excuse for war o biko. And what will happen to Al Queda worldwide? I'm guessing they will vex. Someone said he will send a video tomorrow morning and say he is alive. Well when Obama announces i will be back. they are already "celebrating" outside the white house.

UPDATE 2: ok so obama has given his speech o. he has confirmed that true true osama has been killed o. i am by far not an obama fan but the speech was short and to the point. apparently, they had gotten the tip on him last august and last week they felt good enough to go ahead with an attack and obama gave the go ahead and they killed him. A small team of american intelligence officials and they got support from the Pakistani government and no civilian was killed. He was killed in Abbotabad and not Islamabad.

****All this is well and good o but my fear is the Al Queda retaliation. Thousands of parents and families are coming in over the next 2 weeks for graduation and stuff. people are going home outside the US so all this is scary/confusing to me. and these americans don't waste time o. they have already gathered at the white house and are partying it up. Apparently there was a "dead or alive" order signed by Bush on his head. NOTE TO KATE: u see when u steal my future husband, you can't enjoy the media spot light for too long.


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