Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wedding proposals: big deal or small affair?

This video has been going round and the lady obviously looks happy and excited and everything. However  I don't really envy her. I think I know only 2 people (myself included) who actually want a quiet proposal. I have nothing against loud proposals its just dat my personality prefer a quiet to keep everything in house....until the wedding which at this point i think will just be a big gift to my mum. Im really not too bothered about the details...just showing up will be good lol. With that I started thinking of how I want to be proposed to. Future husband GEJ Adenuga Dangote  please take note.

Preferred option:
Gentleman: *from across the room during arsenal vs man u match where arsenal is leading 5 - 0 during UEFA finals* Babes will you marry me?
Olori: No wahala now but bruv wey d ring now
Gentleman: *hands me d ring while we are both jumping for arsenals 6th goal* take
Olori: *with banga soup spoon in my hand* if i slap you you will get down on one knee We both love walcott but can you do it properly hun
Gentleman: *on one knee* Aya mi will you marry me?

Other options:
Olori: Sugar pumpkin why d frown?
Gentleman: Olori dont you think dis our dating thing is becoming too long
Olori: why all of a sudden now
Gentleman: I just want to spend d rest of my life with you
Olori: Can you please pass me my plate of banga soup and starch
Gentleman: *passing me the plate* Olori I am being serious
Olori: Goal!!!!!!!! *Arsenal scores their 3rd goal against barca and messi breaks leg*
Gentleman: Olori!!!!!
Olori: love I am sorry you know dis is a hot match....what were we saying now
Gentleman: will you marry me? *on one knee with ring*
Olori: *smiles uncontrollably* Ofcourse honey munchkin

And yeah im really particular about the one knee. So is a loud proposal kinda like the big diamond engagement ring or kinda like the wedding gown? Is the way he or she proposes a bigger or lesser or equal deal than the dress or ring...all round im not too particular about any. Do you like a loud or quiet proposal and if you have been proposed too before you can like to share the story. I am sure nothing can beat my above two options :). Lastly, can you get married on the same day you get proposed too? I over think things too much so I def cant be that spontaneous.

Cash ya laras....I am so happy I got to do a post today...been so busy. God pass dem jo


  1. LWKMD at your scenarios.
    I missed my proposal because I found the ring before the question was popped lol. Obviously that one didn't work out. But in the future, i don't need any huge show for the proper proposal, i just want it to be special/unique to our relationship.

  2. I want a quiet proposal. Nothing public with people i don't know, like restaurant etc.

  3. Too much drama joor!
    What if she didn't really want to say yes?

  4. I agree with Gbemi! what if she had said no? hummm... I give props to the guy though, I am sure that took a lot of planning. I just want to be surprised, it's up to my man to decide how he does it :)

  5. Would love an intimate, romantic proposal. Just both of us and maybe some very close friends.
    Xcept der is a logical explanation, der is no way I will get married d same day I am proposed 2.

    But u sef!!! Ur idea of a proposal is hilarious. Surprised dat d one knee tin means anytin 2 u.

  6. When i saw this video..i was "awwing " but deep down i dont want anything like that...
    i would want something quiet and romantic sha o or maybe a surprise that he planned with only my close family and friends.

  7. if she had said no.....waaaaaat?!!!! lol...disaster. Me i dont want a quiet proposal

  8. That video is nice, but too much for me.
    To answer your questions, I want to see signs that he put thought into making it special.

  9. hhhhmmm the proposal nice one... for me whatever the guy does is k, so long as its nicely planned, unique and romantic.
    will definitely put it on my facebook page.
    Will let you know what people thought about it.

  10. Honestly, I am not even a football fan (and have no idea who those folks you mentioned were), but the scenario really cracked me up!

    Now, as to the question...I would prefer a quiet proposal, just because I think that's the only quiet moment before the wedding...A wedding is just such a public affair...

    P.S Banga and starch? That's what I'm talking about!

  11. Lol, a quiet proposal will do...

    I remember a friend of mine being proposed to on the plane on her way to abuja,it was totally cool but she felt embarrassed and uncomfortable through out the trip.I don't think I want to have that feeling for something I'm supposed to be happy about

    there so many funny stuffs these days, a friend of mine just got married, the truth is ...this guy and girl were not dating, they were just friends, he just felt he needed to get married..u know the I'm getting old story... looked around his list of female friends and thought they fit better, he asked her to marry him(the girl agreed after some drama), went ahead to ask her people for her hand in marriage and viola! in 3 weeks they got of spontaneous

  12. ROFL LWKM Mehn,you're very hilarious.You sure you want a nonchalant proposal?

  13. ex-fiance did a quiet proposal which I tot was cute.. even if I wanted somewhere romantic not my room ^-^..
    As for marrying on the same day as proposal, thats a big NO NO for me..Like I will always say, its during courtship you have to pray more. In my case it was during courtship I saw the real personality of the man I wanted to marry.Thank God I didnt marry on the same day..

  14. I loved it! I guess I'm the spontaneous type, and at the same I can imagine the mob, it felt so romantic!

  15. I love the scenarios you described. cute.
    I think I'd want a medium-public one joo. I normally dont like effizy but for this, a guy making an effort wont be bad (bended knee is a requirement) but lawdy the proposal in the video was over the top!

  16. I totally enjoyed watching the video, but I'd go with a quiet proposal like mine. :)

  17. I went on my two knees when proposing to my wife. When she said no, I now prostrated with tears rolling down my cheeks before she finally said yes. LOl

  18. Too much. The quieter the case I don't want to say yes, lol!

  19. This post has really got me laughing and I just can't stop! This is a good one Olori and I will keep coming back for more

  20. I recently watched a video were the babe said No in a restaurant too.

    All these loud proposals, nice but not for me...because i will not be coerced to say yes if i really want to say no.

    And this post, go me laughing really

  21. I will prefer a quiet proposal o, cos I am too shy when it comes to displayin affection in front of familiar faces.
    Must Arsenal be playing when you are being propose too? Just asking.
    First time here, following and loving it already.
    Please, check out my blog at

  22. Nice and quiet proposals R Us. Olori, you stole my idea. Mine was a bit different though. I go to visit or he stops by my place...I am fixing us something to munch on before we watch the DVD I/he rented...I am walking back to the living room and he is on that one knee, starting to obligatory "I need you in my life" speech with tears running down his dimpled face. Then I join him on the floor after placing the food on the table and we both cry and hug and cry somemore. Then we call family to inform them say e don happen, "Mumsy will now break out the vendor phone numbers"

  23. that 1st scenario is tew funny. i think i like somewhere inbtwn mid nd over the top. as much as i want quiet, he shuld jump a few hoops biko

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