Saturday, July 30, 2011

The future of art: my artistic expression

This post is dedicated to ppl like prizm :) who want to intimidate blogsville with their artistic works. I say MBA NU NU NU NU to that oppression. I stand for all the drawing challenged people to present a masterpiece. A dim very serious. I put hours minutes into this and it was blood, sweat and tears.

Below is my workspace and drawing tools and materials:
As you can see, I have pots and glass dere and remote control.  I didnt have color so used the chalk I had (when life throws u flour make puff puff no ni) I didnt know what I will be drawing at this point so I got the pot and the glass so I can use dem to draw circle and the remote control to draw a straight line. Dont laff at me o. u all know u used those round sharpeners to draw circle in class. even in math class when they asked us to draw clocks and tell the time. Anyway back to wat i was saying. I am an artist that lets my tools and environment speak to me so I can get inspiration on what to draw (so yea the wine glass at the back with ace of spades ginger ale in it, wasnt part of this madness lol)

My inspiration:
I have been watching the food channel all day (bad idea if you want to lose weight by the way) so I was inspired by food. In addition to that are the following materials in the picture below, I was inspired by Arsenal (Aug 13th *yayyyyyyyy*) and ofcourse, Prizm herself. ohhh yes and the african woman in all her african queen aura.

The finished masterpiece: Picasso gat norin on me

For all of you doing LWKMD.............dar is your bizwax lol. Anyway let me explain this creation:

  • First of all, you have got to love the make up. the rosy red cheeks and blue smokey eyes is perfect for ur nite out in mushin. even nikkisho will appreciate this
  • Definitely very stylish as we African queens are, she is rockin her fendi (yes dats fendi) and her blackberry bold 8 in her pocket - White bb bold with red trimmings - not even on the market yet (computer village fit get am sha o)
  • Then the gele is cut from the same cloth as the above purse.....its a classic material. My grandma rocked it (and probably still rocks it sef) and I rock it now
  • The gala carton is obvious there. You know how they always sell coconut chips with gala...well thats reality depicted perfectly right here
  • And for those asking how come d carton is 3D and her body is 2D......well na so I wan do am. that is the future of ni!!! you infuse 3D with 2D to have 2.5D......the best artists think outside the box.....did i hear u say monalisa and da vinci? Awwww....ur far too kind to compare my work to the work of such masters lol
  • And for those who can't spot the arsenal necklace....shame on you lol. and na eye glasses dey her chest o
U gats bend ur eye and mind to understand the beauty of this masterpiece LOL ...... Have a lovely weekend people


  1. LWKMD- yes yes- HAHHAHAHAH. this is the most hilarious post ever, your descriptions killed me. LOVE IT LOVE IT.

  2. Oh God...why are you doing this to me?! i was in tears as i read through this...ROTFL,Well done o..masterpiece toh bend hahahaha

  3. LWKMD!!! I was laughing and then i saw your comment to us laughing and laughed even harder!!! Yes oh, but ee toh bahd oh hehehe

    Muse Origins (Creative Nigerian Features)
    Muse Origins

  4. Haha. This is too funny.

    Love the description and the drawing...

    Picasso definitely got nothing on you...

    Looking forward to seeing your pieces at the Louvre:)


  5. I did not want to LWKMD, but then I had to...


    Okay, now I can post my comment...

    OMG! This is a beautiful master piece! LOL! Seriously, there is a bit of Picasso in you :)

  6. I am so loooling at this. After all the arrangement and preparations, you ended up drawing a gall hawker, looooooooooolllllllll.
    But she must be a 'bigz galz' hawker o, for her to have fendi, blackberry and hanging shades.
    Good humour, you got.

  7. LWTMB oo...this is a master piece indeed, I like that its in 2.5D... and I agree with @ilola...she's a bigz galz hawker...

  8. OMG i cant stop laughing. So hilarious.

  9. lol...too funny. I'm not surprised cos i kinda suspect something not so serious when i saw the lined paper.

  10. Hahahahahahaha.... Madam Olori, funny girl. Omo, pikaso really aint got norin on you. For real sha, me like.

  11. lol....see the funny drawing and description...lmao

  12. LOLL lol I am still looking for what you use the pot for lol..

    forget that side, me like the blue eye shadow and lol OLLLLLLLLORI

  13. In fact, you and picasso; na una biko. hahaha. I like the Gala sha.

    - LDP

  14. I was admiring the makeup and then I read your descriptions. Still laughing... She looks lovely though, well painted.

  15. Picasso aint got norrin on you Olori. you too mush..rotflol!!!

  16. Olori masterpiece! Really interesting...

  17. Olori yaff kee me today! where d heck has this blog been hiding that i have missed it? i hope i wont read al ur posts in one day o. i no wan make dem sack me but, nna, c talent!

    *Extending hand* nice to meet you PicaVinci hehehe

    On the real tho, you humour is classic