Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We are not a country of bombers or wife butcherers + PHCN + randoms

I am all for the rule of law in dealing with criminals but our elders say a child that will not allow the mother to sleep doesn't deserve sleep. If Boko Haram people want to die for whatever cause they believe in....all well and good. However, when innocent lives are taken in the cross fire, something serious has to be done....if its die dey want to die then GEJ give them death simple. Dora will be shouting rebranding efforts and how saying "naija" is bad for the country. How about being looked at the way the world looks at arabs now. I have nothing against them but truth be told I look out for them unconsiously when I am in an aircraft just to plot how I will jackie chan them if they try rubbish (we all know not only arab looking people are bombers) plus the extra prayers I say at take off and landing and maybe during d flight by reflex sef. We are still trying to shake off our 419 image so I REFUSE to let bombers be added to the list of things Nigerians are.

I have always said it that this Boko Haram was a front for Al Qaeda because we have always been a country split 50% Muslim and 50% Christian and for the most part we have co-existed together without any quanta. We had head of states and presidents from both religions.....atleast we don't zone by religion. so why all of a sudden this jobless buffoons want all of Nigeria to live by their ideals. Anyway to the solutions I have proposed (Seriously) ...... rule of law aside in some options:

1. BOMB THEM ALL: My gut reaction is for Nigerian army to drop a bomb that levels all of maiduguri and bauchi one time. However there are innocent people living there so this is last resort.
2. EFCC: if its to be catching useless people and having bogus trials that let the people go scot free or go with minimum punishment, they are good at that one. When it comes to issues of national security they are useless, just like they were with the 9ja delta situation. If you cut their money, lemme see how they will be arrange themselves.
3. NIGERIAN IMMIGRATION: If only we make people suffer like American and UK embassies suffer us when we are applying for visa mayb such Al Qaeda trainees will not be in the country. I don't even think we have no fly list. Osama could have been lounging in 9ja sef, pepper souping and big stouting with OBJ in ota and there will be no shaking. Al Qaeda recognizes the potential this county has. They have been saying we will be in top 10 most populous countries in a few years.......we could be another China or India and be an emerging economic super power........everybody but us is seeing that and we are going to miss that opportunity if we don't wake wants to invest or return home to a bomb ridden country?
4. MUSLIM CLERICS AND SANUSI: I believe this is already being done but the elders of the religion should call these people to order because I strongly believe that just like Al Qaeda, they are mis using the religion of Islam to carry out their yeye anger. Islam isn't a violent religion. Sanusi has been implementing some conservative banking practices since he came in and on one hand, those have been good for the economy I hope. However, with his new push for Islamic banking and I think it was punch that said he said Al Qaeda applied for the license too.......something is fishy there.
5. MILITARY: now the way I heard this gist from mumsys ex driver (e fit no true).....was that when Tafa was IG of police, the reason why crime in Lagos (atleast dat was where d gist was about) was some criminals didn't live to get a trial.....they "mysteriously" died before trial because they where occupying jail space and that put some fear into the other men of the nite. Now robbers are having a filled day in Lagos because they will put them in jail, that is if they get caught, and they will employ charge and bail lawyers. A rogue knows how to deal with a rogue. They employed joint task force in the 9ja delta region abi, no wahala......send the same to the Boko Haram zone with a shoot at sight order.

Feel free to add your own solutions, a stubborn child needs a strong cane.

Wife killer: I will keep this plain and simple. Wife battery is one thing, wife slaughtery is another. This nicompup said she stabbed her self abi. First it was d devil. I don't have strength for this because blogsville has covered this alot already. I sha pray there won't be a casey anthony repeat here. It is at times like this that I am happy that we are a capital punishment country......mental exam my foot. infact a few months is kiri kiri with hard labor while he awaits death row will remove d madness from him *long hiss*

PHCN: this is going to be short. You didn't give light at the lower tarrif now you have mind to increase rate abi...ko bu ru. By the time I visit village and come back una go know. And its like we now function better without light. After the took light in the Nigeria vs Canada game (female world cup ppl) yesterday, Pepetua Nwokocha scored the winning goal of a game that seemed destined to end in a goal less draw. Speaking of football, I cant wait for premier league to start jo......the news from the Arsenal camp isnt pleasant at all but in Arsene we trust....gba gbe!!! Fabregas can like to jump 6th mainland bridge

Randoms: I admit that I am by no means or way or form a technology person but for some reason, it has been JAMB question trying to comment on the following blogs that seems to use an advanced for of blogger: LDP, Rust GEEK and some others sha. please any help with that will be appreciated. To those sick, Mena e be like say I hear say u sick or mayb I miss hear, GET WELL SOON!


  1. LMAO! I can't seem to think of any more proferred ALL! Nice read! And thanx, on that Get Well Soon note!

  2. You are really vexing!
    The solutions you suggested, especially for the "bokos" seem fair enough. They should be wiped out!

  3. will make one serious dictator, lol...But that Boko haram people are getting on my nerves o, and it seems the govt is handling them with kid gloves.

  4. LOl... We can't bomb both the innocent with the wicked o.. LOL. I feel you sha. This season of bombs everywhere in Nigeria just too much. Why is our nation turning to Pakistan all of a sudden. I feel you jare Sis.

    Ehya... I use the Disqus platform and I agree its sometimes problematic to comment using ur blackberry mobile.. Is that what you're using?

    - LDP

  5. If your parents were living in Borno, I bet you would not mention that option number 1 at all. Its a no-no.
    EFCC has no business with the security, that is what the military is for. EFCC's work is to curb economic and financial crimes. It is just like you saying Nigerian police should go and prosecute in the US. It is not their
    Al-Qaeda applied for license? Now, that sounds unbelievable
    Wife battery and slaughtery are both bad.
    I like the post

  6. Your solutions are - shall we say - unconventional...

    Ah.. I hope I've sorted out the commenting thing too..

  7. I was LOLing from the beginning to the end oh!
    "a stubborn child needs a strong cane" classic....

  8. Lol!!! These are really funny even though it's a serious issue. The sad thing is that both christian and muslim religious leaders are advocating violent retribution (some of them at least). Boko haram is not a muslim problem oh- they've killed as many muslims as they have christians

    Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)
    Muse Origins

  9. I dont know if i can agree any more but if I can, I shall come back with my own list.

  10. Seriously, I don't know what Nigeria is becoming o. How can citizens that cannot afford to eat afford to buy bombs and WMD? we need to ask our "rich" leaders where these people are getting their money from.

  11. Goodluck Jonathan should get that tight cap off his head so that he can begin to think clearly... maybe when breeze blow him brain he will know what to do about Boko Haram things

  12. Olori, How far? I know you busy, but we expecting your update soon. I can't count how many times I've looked on my blog feed to see whether you have a new post :D. OKay o. Have a nice weekend, girl.

  13. @prizm LWKMD ..... babes i dey o, how body. i shall be updating soonest