Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dey better not cancel premier league matches o!!!!

This is supposed to be short cos na vex bring me here so make i talk my thing comot. On second thots, how una dey? how body? hope everything is senge menge wir u? *in my "fune" infused ibotic voice*

Bia london people and the people of ukey. OGINI ZI? TANI GBO GBO RUBBISH NOW? u ppl didnt fight and riot since its now when the Premier League season is about to start that you people want to dey misbehave. Dem kill person don turn free looting for all. una dey help gucci and apple reduce inventory for next season supply abi. thunder fire you who send you? Una no go fight for chelsea and manchester na for north london una get power. nd why can't the police just throw bomb tear gas and end this madness biko. PLS let dem not cancel my Arsenal match dis saturday o.


  1. hahha... you have spoken like a true soccer fan.

  2. We are fine :D. Nne, London is burning and it is football that you are worried about. I will tell your mother.

    Ok, I hope they don't cancel your game. *fingers crossed*

    I don't know why today is the first time I'm seeing your "About me." iLike.

  3. We dey fine, you nko? Don't worry your matches are on schedule. :)

  4. Lol!!!! If they cancel the matches another riot will break out for sure lol

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  5. Won't be cancelled, don't worry...

  6. Na so guy but arsenal is not doing well dis season and it`s annoying and disappointing.Please make una help me tell Wenger to buy players.Please Biko nu.