Sunday, October 9, 2011

i yam hashamed hof my sef + blog award

*clears throat* Make i use style clear the cobwebs wey done cover my blog first so we can discuss in a clean environment. How una dey? how body? hows has blog village been kicking it without Olori 1 of blogland? I cant even give excuses for this absense but God dey sha. Missed you all like you missed me :) To this business of the day, a big thank you to coy introvert and Mandy for this award. I think the rules say something about 7 random things about yourself well i like what Mandy did on her blog so I go just copy her way. Also I have to nominate 15 new blogs or so...........ive been away for a while o chei

Name your fav color
Black cos it goes with anything not because I was like a member of black bra or something. its just a very economical color chikena! Altho gold to sha can like to be looking segsy on me sometimes and then brown too.....u know.....light skin toh badt.....errfin (i really hate it when people write "errfin" in a text or bbm) goes....Iwota?

Name your favorite song
I don't have one because my fav musician is me and i dont have my album out yet (featuring vic o ofcourse and that vagina lady....whats dat her name again). I am in d middle of auditions so if u think u can sing bera than me send me a music or two. Ofcourse this blog will be getting first listening of the track.......who needs youtube?

Name your favorite dessert
Plain old vanilla biko not all this things bens and jerry are trying to come up with these days. not even that chocolate royal kind. the mr biggs type is the best. that one u can taste the cowbell milk they used inside

What pisses you off?
Where do I start biko. Well the one on my heart right now is overfamzing. For those who don't know, famzing is the art of forming like me and you are tighter than my hair weave cos we just happen to be from the same continent, country or state. I am okay with regular famzing afterall we gats bond together for obodoyibo nw plus there is always the possibility that my sisters husbands brothers wife's cousin is married to your friend's friend's uncle. however when u start to push the famzing limit then we gats an issue BOO BOO (shout out to evelyn of basketball wives basketball wives miami better than LA. I think so.....they are just getting on the poor girl draya)Thats how one that I was just trying to do continent solidarity (he was from togo or ivory coast or sha one french speaking zone) with thought he had found wife and had the effontry to get angry in french when i turned down multiple attempts at hanging out. Ogini bu ka biko nu

When you are upset you?
Go to sleep and fantasize and dream of all the things I would say to you or do to you if I wasnt trying to keep my wafi side in check and keep it classy. Plus ive been watching all these prisons shows where u fought someone and they died and now ur in jail. Not my portion......theres no jail consequence when I give u the beat down in my mind biko and it feels at least 75% as good as actually hitting the person. half isi ewu is better than none

Your favorite pet It is rather the other way round..........I am money's favorite pet. It feeds me, takes me to the doctor, its substitutes taking me for a walk for taking me for a ride/flight and I complain not.
Black or white?
Now is this a race question or color question? I will push the question to the audience: black or white biko?

Your biggest fear "Our biggest fear is not that we are inadequate but that we are powerful beyound measure" Somebody said it or something close sha, I like it, I don't know why I thought this was a correct response for this question but it feels appropriate.

Everyday attitude
One day at a time. Let go and let God. Don't take yourself too isn't that hard.

Your best feature My mind..............or so im told..........or maybe these yeye boys are just dropping foolish lyrics now. I will cash them. I am also particularly fond of my nails (but you know that chic that mourns every broken nail? yea.......IM NOT THAT CHIC)

What is perfection?

Living like Jesus Christ...Lord help your child..It's not easy oh...............stolen verbatim from Mandy's blog....

Guilty pleasure Nna not working out o. I have been trying to give JLO and Beyonce a run for their money but o di ro easy o. And so I have the african channel and ive been hooked to this old south african soap...Isidingo. Ok time to complain: bia ppl of african channel be showing nigerian soaps like doctors quarters and that one that has gbenro ajibade (cant remember the name sha but its on mnet)

And the nominees are:
1. This is a lazy thing to do BUT if you are newer than e to blogville and you see this, you are hereby awarded the versatile blog award by me and my lolos-in-councils


  1.'re one hilarious lady. I missed you o, and was just laughing as I read this, especially over famzing. I've learnt a new word.

  2. I knew this would be a delight to read. Welcome back prodigal blogger!

  3. LOl... I agree it was a funny read. Loling at giving JLO and Beyonce a run for their money..

    - LDP

  4. Oh dear...haven't stopped laughing for a moment, LMAO @ famzing!

  5. I've missed you Olori 1 of blogland!, I knew as soon as clicked on the link that I would laugh from start to finish!

  6. You are so funny...lmao...loved reading this.i've missed you.

  7. lol. welcome back. you're very funny..nice read

  8. Lmsao..welcome back olori...and congrats on your award.

  9. Olori 1 of blogland! u are welcome back.At least one of my reasons for passing you this award has been met.I wanted to you to come back here and blog jare.And for stealing my words:Living like Jesus Christ...Lord help your child..It's not easy oh...............stolen verbatim from Mandy's blog....we will see about the fee of plagiarism*winks*

  10. lol......congrats on ur award..smiles will not be far away from ur face becos ur blog brings smiles to my face..thums up!!!
    i love ur every day attitude and im ready to imbibe it....

  11. Lmao...very funny your blog really bring smiles to our faces keep it

  12. Damn, when are you resuming?


  13. Olori numba 1 of blogland how u dey? I left my own yard to check on you. Hope u r good cos i sure say cobwebs don full this ur blog again and e don tey since u land this side. Hope u r ok oh!?

    Lol!! Hope u r good sha cos it has really been a while. Abeg try to blog often cos i miss ur gists no be small. N yeah .... happy new year in arrears.


  14. lmao. biko come back and blog better jere. I'll need you around cos this lafter na the best melecine for hia o.You got me on lockdown mehn. tew funny